Safe Schools: The Greatest Lie Of Our Generation

Safe School Sucks

Australia’s queer left is so indoctrinated that critical thought has evaporated like a lidless bottle of amyl. The Safe Schools coalition has today co-ordinated yet another assault on public opinion with a petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. 

Signed by “prominent Australians” (i.e. some tween celeb and that guy from Priscilla), it’s a demand for $6m to fund an “anti-bullying program with gender and sexuality at its core”. But don’t be fooled. Anyone claiming to champion Safe Schools because they “care about LGBT lives” is a liar. As any gay conservative will tell you, gay men are the nastiest, most vindictive bullies you’ll ever meet. All the more so when you dare to leave the LGBT reservation with political views that don’t align with theirs.

Just look at the “gay community” response to Geoffrey Winters. He’s the first gay indigenous candidate, but because he’s a Liberal he’s denounced and derided in the worst possible terms. For progressives, this should have been a milestone in Australian history, but rather than celebrate the moment and investigate the candidate, the “gay community” eviscerated him. Despite representing the very people the Liberals are supposedly oppressing, Mr Winters has already been called a cunt. It’s all right there in the Facebook comments of the media coverage.
Some have acknowledged in a remarkable display of DoubleThink that arbitrary racial and sexual traits have no bearing on merit, yet simultaneously denounce Mr Winters based on his party membership, an arbitrary trait. While his party signals where his principles probably lie, neither his actual principles nor his actual work are even considered.

Others suggest his nomination is tokenistic, that the “The Neo-Liberal Machine” is playing identity politics for the Pink Vote. This hypocrisy assumes gays will automatically vote Liberal because the Libs have one more gay man in their ranks. This reduces Australia’s gay individuals to an unconscious, homogenous, collective — just Gay Zombies Who Vote.

Another wonders how much indigenous blood one needs to claim indigenous identity and whether “people just use it to get headlines”. The hypocrisy of invoking racial purity to assert that headlines are ill-gotten attention rather than recognition of the achievement of an individual is disgusting and only drives me, and more people like me, away. It completely undermines Mr Winters’ nomination as a step toward social cohesion that could result in the betterment of the lives of all Australians.

Some claim being a Gay Liberal is an oxymoron, failing spectacularly to recognise that an individual’s entire identity need not be derived from membership to a group. It fails to acknowledge that he can think for himself, based on the false premise that his belonging to two minorities gives him double the reason to adhere to a particular ideology, to The One True Path of Progressivism, and any individual who doesn’t agree must be evil. Classic false dichotomy. Classic intersectional conflict theory.

Another gay man said he had “little respect for a gay man who would lend his voice to a party that would rather us be voiceless.” We, gay men, are not a voiceless homogenous demographic. The fact that a gay man is a candidate proves this. We’re individuals in a free and democratic society. But ok, if we’re talking about representation, then personally I think a gay man who is respected and accepted by an establishment I oppose is an ideal candidate to engage said establishment on my behalf. He’s also not the only way to engage, unless you, as a free agent, choose to remain silent and allow others to speak for you.

It goes on and on. And this is just one example but it proves the hateful left, with its anti-science gender theory doctrine, should not be anywhere near children. They will trample individual freedom in pursuit of power. And our liberal democratic values, western values, allow us so much freedom that the very same media who demonise opponents can on the same day promote “Leathermaster Tom from the Hellfire Club” in a celebration of BDSM kink for Big Fat Bears With Manboobs.

The left doesn’t care about LGBT people and they certainly don’t care about children. Safe Schools activism is, ironically, just bullying disguised as caring in a bid to expand the government and define the rules of political engagement for generations to come. We need to throw Safe Schools in the garbage where it belongs. 


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