Rudd’s warning on second Stolen Generation

Nearly 10 years after Kevin Rudd said sorry to the Stolen Generation he is warning more needs to be done to stop a second wave emerging.

It never seems to end. Sorry Day now only serves as an annual reminder of how terrible white Australians are, how short we fall of saving the Aboriginal from himself.

When a white child is abused, it is reasonable to expect the state to remove him or her from that environment. We applaud it and rightly condemn the failures of the parents, the perils of drug and alcohol abuse, the wider societal shifts driving degeneracy.

We consider it a rescue of sorts when any child is removed from an abusive environment, while acknowledging the sadness of the situation and likely disastrous life outcomes for all involved and society as a whole. Why is it then that Aboriginal children are considered “stolen”?

What exactly does Rudd mean when he says, “priority should be given to how young indigenous people are treated when they are separated from their immediate family because of abuse or neglect.”

This is basically a suggestion that we can’t help them. And perhaps we can’t.

What does he mean by “Better use should be made of wider families and kinship groups…”

Is Rudd proposing we merely hand over MORE cash and other resources to indigenous “communities” and let them deal with the victims?

“This is an area which needs a lot more effort,” he told ABC radio from New York on National Sorry Day.

What kind of effort? I suspect Rudd just means more “give give give” and keep apologising.

Source: Rudd’s warning on second Stolen Generation

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