Professor writes dishonest review of The Red Pill Movie, gets REKT by Cassie Jaye’s mother

Nena Jaye’s response to Professor Anton Belov’s review was just too good not to reproduce in full. You can read Belov’s piece here, but you’ll see by Jaye’s response it was the same leftist PC rant we see every time a men’s issue is discussed. 


Mr. Anton Belov, your “review” of the film, The Red Pill, is one of the clearest examples of pure fiction. Most of your plot points have no basis in the actual content of the film but rather exists within your own delusions. Instead of genuinely reviewing the film, you chose to engage in inflammatory lies.
As a producer of this film, and mother of its director, I am disgusted by your hate filled, bombastic mischaracterization of our film and its female director. You claim to be a father of a “soon to be” adult daughter “fighting for her rights”. Well, I’ve been a mother raising 4 successful adult daughters fighting for their rights to be heard and respected. I know what it takes to instill power and passion in women. I can tell you that your slanderous portrayal of our film is shameful and disrespectful. This film represents 3 1/2 years of dedication, passion, and perseverance to create a truthful and accurate portrayal of a movement that has been demonized by many, including you. But I am not surprised by your vitriol. When hate exists within one’s heart, it easy to project it onto others.
If you truly are an associate professor of music, and I would venture to assume, a creative soul, it disgusts me how you can sit there in front of your computer bashing the creative efforts of all the professionals who put there time and heart into this film.
To suggest that our film is “propaganda” is absolutely without any merit. Saying it is does not make it so. However, your appalling mischaracterization and inaccurate telling of the film’s content perhaps makes you the propagandist.
Suggesting the film represents only points of view of “middle-aged, tired, angry white men”, tells me more about you. If you indeed watched the film, you would have seen a diverse group of people represented: women and men; young and old; white and non-white; gay and straight. So if all you saw were “middle-aged angry white men”, perhaps your own biases and racism is rearing its ugly head.
To say that the director “tearfully” states she can know longer call herself a feminist tells me one of two things: you either willfully decided to be untruthful in your depiction of that scene OR your viewing comprehension is lacking. Which is it? If it’s the latter, you have no business writing a “review” of a film you didn’t actually see or can’t comprehend.
To only speak about Breibart, Milo, and Daily Stormer as our positive reviews is purposely misleading. You can actually view all press we have received to date at
The Village Voice is an interesting example of a “non-review”, but more of a ideological rant much like yours. The fact that the Village Voice article sites a known propagandist as a source, and completely manufactured lies about the film and its director, cannot be taken as a credible review.
Our film has been seen worldwide by diverse audiences who have been positively affected by it. I have personally spoken to many women, young and old, at screenings that I’ve attended. To say that the film had a profound impact on them is an understatement. I have spoken to men who have been victimized by family court, and victims of domestic violence. This film gave them hope that their voices would finally be heard. If you can’t even drum up any compassion for the personal stories represented in the film, that tells me a lot about you.
Our film has won 4 film festival awards so far including: Best of The Festival, Best Feature Documentary-Audience Award, Best Female Director and Best Produced. To characterize the director as an amateur and dismiss our film’s production, after many industry professionals, including an Oscar winning producer, have praised Cassie Jaye, makes me wonder if your derogatory comments are based on your own internal sexism?
The film has been at the top of the charts on most of our VOD platforms since it was launched in March 2017. The Red Pill qualified for the 2017 Academy Awards. It is a film that is now part of many prestigious university libraries around the world. We receive thousands of emails each week telling us how this film positively impacted lives, relationships and families. To state that this film promotes misogyny and discrimination is a disgusting lie. Shame on you!
This film is a compassionate look at the men’s rights movement (and btw, “meninism” is not an actual thing, it’s a joke) and challenges the audience to engage in productive discourse. We at Jaye Bird Productions are dedicated filmmakers supporting all human rights, intellectual diversity and free speech, while creating films that encourages critical thinking and expands the mind. You could actually benefit from our films.



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7 thoughts on “Professor writes dishonest review of The Red Pill Movie, gets REKT by Cassie Jaye’s mother”

  1. What a totally dishonest “review.” It’s scary to know that these people are teaching our kids!

    Well said Nena. Well defended!

  2. Way to go Mom. Well written response. It’s been a while since I saw The Red Pill. What stood out for me, was when the feminists and feminust apologists ( besides Big Red) were Interviewed, or given a podium, all they could do were repeat standard talking points. Really? Where were their thoughts? Ideas? Passion? …..where were they seeking any kind of truth, or understanding of something much, much, much bigger than them : Humanity. By turning the camera on them, and giving them a voice, Cassie gave us a close up of the purveyors of historical propaganda. The lady saying that they “need more funding”? Classic! We know where she’s coming from…..and it’s not protecting any human beings, except
    her and her cronies. ( I apologize for using descriptives to describe these people….just can’t remember names.). Thank you

  3. The ‘Long March Through The Institutions’ shows its ugly face. Lying sociopathic ideologues such as Anton Belov have infested the education system. They are dangerous because they are entrusted with young people’s minds. These young people may be bright, but they are inexperienced, and in awe to their professors, and therefore vulnerable to indoctrination.

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