PoliticalPostingMumma target of vile #VoteYes campaign

This is just a sample of the messages she receives

I urge all #VoteNo campaigners and activists to remain calm as we face continued assaults, verbal abuse and harassment. Don’t become the enemy the left so desperately wishes we were. Let them hang themselves on their own rope. So far they’re doing a great job. Just take a look at some of the disgusting messages #VoteYes supporters have sent to PoliticalPostingMumma.

Nicolle Rubin’s woke 8-year olds would be traumatised! John Kitching has given up on respect. (We know). Emily Murray turns racist and xenophobic for some reason. Let’s count the buzzords: disgusting, vile, bigot, moron, shi**y, dirty c**t, dumb. Jess Smith is probably blocked because she’s an unhinged stalker.  Sam thinks keeping genderqueer communists away from kids is “harassing kids”. 

Cathilee Whitmore blames her kid’s suicide attempts on PoliticalPostingMumma having different opinions (and not her own parenting – GET OFF THE INTERNET AND DEAL WITH YOUR FAMILY ISSUES CATHILEE!) Let it be noted the kid has a history of suicide attempts dating back long before PoliticalPostingMumma’s first video. Kristy Burrell, a high school teacher, is glad people who want healthy societies are “dying out”. Do you trust her with your kids? I wouldn’t. Kurt Oconnell wants to f*** PoliticalPostingMumma’s “lil son”. Did you know there’s a Senate Inquiry into the Postal Survey? Labor Senator Jenny Mcallister is soliciting submissions of “hate speech”. Yeah, I recently caught her referring a hoax to the committee, so be sure to send some real evidence of hatred. Submit your complaint here.



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