Penny WRONG desperate to hold onto credibility 

The Gaystapo is now agitating for a boycott of the postal vote on changing the definition of marriage just because it was proposed by Turnbull.

The latest plea from the Sydney Morning Homosexual is a desperate attempt by Token Lesbian Penny Wong, who OPPOSED same sex marriage when Labor was in government, to hold onto the last scraps of credibility she still has.

I don’t care what your stance – this hypocrisy is intolerable. Australia’s swamp is in desperate need of draining. 

Labor is just terrified of a vote because they know Australia does not want gay marriage. We’ve seen how it’s worked out in the US. A few years on and the tiny minority of queer activists (who refer to themselves as the “LGBT community”) is more violent, hysterical, and demanding than ever.

Labor supports marriage equality and we will campaign for the rights of all Australians to marry the person they love. Unlike Malcolm, we will fight for equality.

Yeah – they’ll campaign for rights now that it’s politically convenient.

Source: Penny Wong: Yes this postal ploy hurts, but I plead with you – don’t boycott it

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