Milo Yiannopoulos Tour Triggers Communist Feralpig Van Badham

Writing for the Fake News Guardian, communist Vanessa Badham wants All Men™️ to take responsibility for Milo’s antics cuck for feminism and “condemn” Milo as his Troll Academy tour debuts Downunder.

As usual, Miss Piggy takes aim at white men generally and Senator Leyonhjelm, Andrew Bolt, and Mark Latham specifically. “The attention-seeking senator isn’t the only white, desperate, feminist-fearing, rightwing crank fawning over Yiannopoulos’s visit. Touring the country with him are Andrew Bolt and the animated political corpse known as Mark Latham.”

The self-hatred, entitlement, and ingratitude of progressive western white women never ceases to amaze me. If I couldn’t laugh at the fact this man-hating feminist is crying for men to defend women from a troll, I’d cry for our society.

Van Badham ABC Communist

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