LIVE: Marriage Postal Survey

We’ll be covering key updates here as the postal vote campaign rolls out across the country, with a particular focus on the surge of left wing hatred and violence.

Vigilante groups are removing political expression from public sphere

A Twitter user discovered a message from Rainbow Families Victoria encouraging yes voters to remove and report any material opposing same-sex marriage under the pretence of “protecting children from harm”. AntiFa disrupt marriage meeting 

On September 26, fifteen unwashed anarchists descended on a Christian meeting about marriage to call for the arson of churches. Protestors included “sex workers, drug users, disabled people, people living with blood borne viruses and survivors of child abuse & spiritual abuse…” and presented the following key messages:

  • Love not Hate
  • Death to Christian fascists
  • God raped Mary, she didn’t consent and should have aborted (whilst 2 women enthusiastically tongue kissed) – Editor’s note: How shocking. How original. If only Madonna did that 20 years ago.
  • Crucify Christian fundamentalists
  • Christian fascists
  • Death to homophobes
  • This isn’t about free speech, would you have given the Nazis a platform?
  • This is War!
  • We know who your leaders are and where they live!

Rabid yes voter goes viral after racial tirade 

The clip, which has now gone viral on Facebook after it amassed more than 53,000 views, shows a young man pointing his finger yelling, “It’s people like you in the country, are what are bringing this f**king country down.”

F*** marriage we want revenge

Strange queer HQ/meeting space discovered in Sydney’s inner west. Violent anti-police, anti-marriage messages scrawled on the walls.

UNSW professor instructs students not to use the word ‘marriage’

“The University of New South Wales’ School of Mathematics and Statistics has warned students not to use the word ‘marriage’ when referring to Hall’s Marriage Theorem, deeming it to be ‘too offensive’.”

“Burn churches not queers”

The #LoveWins Brigade turned up to a Coalition for Marriage rally in Melbourne. This obvious call to violence against Christians will be ignored by the Senate Inquiry.


Australians spammed with Vote Yes propaganda

State-enforce homosexuality:  Yes campaign spams the country with emergency SMS


Tony Abbott assaulted by yes voter

““Look, it is a shock — it is a shock to have a fellow Australian seeking to shake your hand turn a handshake into an assault. It is a shock. Normally a handshake is a sign of trust and peace. It is a sign of two people wanting to deal openly and courteously with each other, but this handshake turned into a head-butt.”


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