Labor: sorry for showing white people

Labor leader Bill Shorten says the lack of diversity in a political advertising campaign is a “bad oversight” which won’t be repeated.

A Labor advertisement aimed at the working class is under fire because it features too many white people. That’s exactly what “lack of diversity” means: too many white people. 

The fact that Shorten is caving to pressure and apologising tells you everything you need to know: White people are not allowed to even appear together (let alone organise for their own interests) and Bill Shorten agrees.

The visual representation of white Australians “won’t happen again”. This should be a wake up call to white Australians – whatever your political leaning. 

The left will now trot out the same old arguments. They’ll claim we’re “not a white country” and cite the growing number of children born to foreign parents as proof. White displacement is literally celebrated as “progress” and any digression is viciously attacked. 

Sarah Hanson-Young has dialled the virtue signalling up to 11. Awful, just awful. I mean wow, just wow. No queer transgender non-binary immigrant Muslim women of colour? Ugh, I can’t even. 


Source: Shorten to review ‘white’ Labor ad

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