Labor senator caught referring hoax to Senate Inquiry

Demand Jenny Mcallister be removed as chair

As the marriage debate heats up, NSW Labor Senator Jenny Mcallister is encouraging followers to report political dissent to the postal vote Senate Inquiry…and she’s the chair! It’s eerily similar to Sweden’s feminist government targeting political opposition with a Hate List Register.

The difference is the Swedes use social pressure to silence critics while Mcallister has the legitimacy of a Senate Inquiry – with potential to suppress opposition with the full power of the state for years or decades to come.

What was the first response she received when she encouraged followers to report dissent?

The HOAX campaign that exposed Channel 10!  

Her response? She requested an official submission to the “Arrangements for the postal survey” senate inquiry being conducted by the Finance and Public Administration committee. Australians have no reason to believe a review process is in place at all, let alone an independent and transparent one, to ensure hoaxes and fake news don’t impact future public policy.

She wants to “give parliament a comprehensive picture” – which means she’s in control of crafting the narrative i.e. how and what information is processed and presented for senate inquiry.

Just yesterday I reported on an LGBT activist threatening to rape MPs who oppose changing Australia’s marriage laws. It’s doubtful Mcallister will present the vile hatred coming from the Yes campaign.

Senator Mcallister is unfit to chair the postal vote senate inquiry.

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