La Trobe Associate Dean Bullies Conservative Students

Writing for Daily Life, La Trobe University Chair Dr Chris Scanlon takes aim at young conservatives. Considering the left is constantly brow-beating us about power dynamics and equality, the hypocrisy is astounding. Dr Scanlon has chosen to use the SMH as a platform to bully young men in general and Xavier Boffa in particular.  

University of Melbourne Liberal Club president Xavier Boffa notified a woman he’d wanted to invite her to an event, but didn’t because “some of the guys were uncomfortable about inviting a chick.” I’m no great fan of the Liberals, so this is by no means a knee-jerk, partisan defence. 

Scanlon attempts to diagnose the problem, i.e. why a young man in today’s society might choose not to invite women to each and every event they attend, and fails miserably. He argues, “Faced with any ambiguity about their own status in a fast-shifting world, young men who assumed they would one day be the masters of the universe cling to a fundamentalist form of masculinity on steroids.”

The world is not “fast-shifting”. Rather, the left is aggressively and relentlessly undermining every achievement and institution of western civilisation in the name of “progress” (with no end), and screaming blue murder any time a reasonable person disagrees with their vision for society. The most vocal opposition to this onslaught tends to be young conservative men. The argument can be made that more women are needed and welcome in this fight, but that’s not what Scanlon is arguing. In fact, he’d probably side with his fellow Daily Life contributor Clementine Ford in branding conservative women “c**nts”, like she did Miranda Devine. Furthermore, no young man assumes he would be a “master of the universe”. That a grown man could even write this phrase without a hint of self-consciousness is embarrassing. Nor do most young men conceive of masculinity as something to which they can “cling”. 

Scanlon even attempts to define this “masculinity” of his own imagining: “To pass in this world and demonstrate their credentials, they perform a regressive masculinity: loathing women, LGBTI people and non-westerners.” There is so much to parse in this statement. Scanlon implies young (I’m assuming conservative but safe to assume he also means heterosexual) men view themselves as impostors who need to “pass” by demonstrating “credentials”. How utterly laughable to suggest normal young men “perform” masculinity, and further that its defining characteristic is a “loathing” of women, LGBTI, and non-westerners. This assessment of masculinity could only come from an effete western liberal academic. A beta male. A cuck. In other words, the exact kind of man young men should ignore re all things masculinity. 

Dr Scanlon’s insecurities are showing. He’s assigning motive that doesn’t exist and it betrays his own loathing of straight white guys. I suppose I should pity Scanlon. A man with Foucault displayed in his Twitter profile is obviously not equipped to intellectually grapple with reality. 

Since he failed to assess the situation beyond predictable accusations of sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc, I’ll do it for him. 

Why might a group of young men choose, now and then, not to invite women to a gathering? Perhaps intersectional class conflict theory has so infected the academy young men simply cannot voice an opinion without finding themselves on the receiving end of the aforementioned accusations. Perhaps they wanted to discuss issues affecting “dudes” without the “chicks” around. As much as Scanlon probably hates it, that’s still allowed. Perhaps the young woman in question is, quite simply, a pain in the arse. She did run to the media – not because she was “barred” as reported but because she wasn’t invited to a bar. You get the point. We don’t have the whole story and Scanlon very conveniently exploits the lack of facts. 

I suppose he thinks he’s very clever, satirising the mockery of trigger warnings and safe spaces to which he’s rightly subjected. The truth is he’s just another carbon copy of The Enlightened Progressive Man. A cliché spouting clichés. Dr Scanlon, like his progressive ideology, is boring and unoriginal and destructive. 

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