Homo Jihad: gay activist bombed Christian lobby

SSM "yes" supporters just lost the debate

Remember the carbomb that exploded in the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters? The one the cops called a “car fire” and Lyle Shelton was like “yeah nah”?

Yeah well it turns out Gay activist Jaden Duong tried to allyakbar himself in a van filled with gas cylinders. The unholy alliance between the Gaystapo and radical muslims has been ratified.

There are very pertinent questions that need to answered though.

Why did the police lie and say it wasn’t “politically, religiously, or ideologically motivated”?

Why has it taken 8 months for the truth to come to light?

The gay marriage debate is reaching fever pitch in Australia, so speaking of rights…LGBTQ activists have now lost the right to complain about civil discourse. You don’t get to bomb your opponents. 



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