#HateWins in the marriage debate

GoFundMe’s Orwellian “Trust and Safety Team” are demanding organisers behind the Vote No skywriting campaign reveal their identities despite being targets of hatred and abuse. This is a national vote, but only one side is allowed to express its opinion under the tyranny of the current paradigm.

Sources have also informed us the business owner who operates the sky writing business has received over 1,000 abusive voicemails and messages, including threats from advertising executives who have threatened him with blacklisting from the industry. It’s not even clear whether he shares the same view as the campaigners who hired him. The man is only doing his job.

Take a look at just a few of the comments from the campaign fundraiser page. Progressives are so blinded by their hatred they can’t comprehend the fact that no voters aren’t all Christians. There are dozens of reasons to vote no, and none of them require religious conviction to be compelling. The ill will is palpable. No wonder campaigners feel neither trust nor safety.


Josef Vlk

I can’t help but wonder if Jesus would be campaigning like this, knowing the hatred and intolerance it would be spreading. I don’t think I ever read about him preaching hate.

I’m sure Josef is a devout Christian.


Pauline Dorahy-Ellem

Wow – this is incredible! We got a quote for “VOTE YES” skywriting and it was going to be $400 to pay for fuel, the rest was free because they support Marriage Equality and are not dicks. Hope you don’t feel as though you’ve been treated badly – but just in case, my friends and I will send a survey out to ask about your feelings.

As if we needed any more evidence that conservatives are disenfranchised. This is called “systemic oppression”. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE, PAULINE!


Craig Donarski

What an awful thing to shove down people’s throats. How do you sleep at night being on the side of hate, fear and division? What a dreadful set of values to align yourselves with.

Yes, it would be much better to align with people who promote 8-year old drag queens.


Katie Lou

Did God write this? No. Just a homophobe with a pilot’s license.

WTF? I thought it was a miracle from above?!


Alexie Davis

I hope your families hate you as much as we do.

They don’t. Conservatives have strong families. Sorry for your feelings, Alexie.


Catherine Seal

Anonymous because you are hateful cowards.

YEAH! How dare they remain anonymous when people want them dead!?!


Charley Greenfield

Reporting this because it’s disgusting. Shame on you. I’m going to campaign to VOTE YES even harder now.

Cool story bro.


Bryce Calleia

I really feel sorry for all the no voters. You’ve been raised with such a distorted view on the world & life in general. Equal rights and Equal Love will always conquer, one way or another.

Yeah it’s worked out so well in the US.


Emma Royds

Also sad for you. To feel you have to be anonymous to protect yourselves from personal attacks. You should hang out with the LGBTQI community from time to time… and watch some documentaries. Read true stories about gay people getting killed in Sydney in the 80s. The amount of hate they have to put up with to their faces… getting spat on, bashed, killed, told they are less than human. Now there’s some REAL personal attacks.

People vote NO because they HAVE spent time with the LGBTQI “community” not because they haven’t.


Tamara Dodd

Jesus had two fathers – short memory!!

And hung out with 12 dudes and a prostitute. Yes, we’ve heard that one before. 1990 called. They want their jokes back.


Mindi Burji

So sad that in 2017, people are still this narrow-minded and afraid of NOTHING. Homophobes, the world has outgrown you, we have moved forward, and people like you are shitting yourselves because you KNOW you’re being left behind. There’s NOTHING you can do to stop progression. NOTHING. Put up all the shit in the sky you like, you cannot stop progress!



Chris Rawson

This is so disgusting. Instead of spreading hate you should try keeping your backwards, bigoted opinions to yourselves.

Ok Chris. I’ve totally changed my mind now. Sorry, master.


Thomas Jackson

“When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression.” There is nothing “christian” about denying people legal rights to their families. Very sad that someone would spend so much energy and time fighting against love.

Yes, Thomas. Making babies is a privilege granted to a male-female pair of any species. Nothing will change this fact. Ever. No one is “denying” anyone “legal rights to their families”. Take a breath and try to formulate your point again. I suspect it has something to do with who is granted access to children “as a right”.


Fiona Lane

I can’t believe a fucking campaign like this gets over 5 grand , and I had a go fund me for a good cause (getting homeless cats dexesed and fix sick ones) and that didn’t get a fucking cent.

Presented without comment.


David Pieper

and the Lord said fuck the poor and disadvantaged. Spend your money on a hate campaign against a minority group because that is the key to Kingdom of heaven.

Don’t think the Lord ever said that, David.


Adam Roth

Good on Gofundme for freezing the funds. If you want to deny a minority access to a basic civil liberty and advocate against equality under the law, at least have the decency to do so openly.

Good on John Howard for freezing the marriage act.


Aimee Beaty

does this not scream baby boomer that probably had a few gay experiences during his christian boys school days and now he’s trapped in his shitty life with his wife and kids he hates reminiscing on that time he got a blowy from his “mate” john.

Stop watching porn, Aimee.


Tony Radevski

“Traditional Australians” are the indigenous people, not white Australians!! You mean “traditionalists”. Troubled, backward, fearful, hateful, morons.

Radevski. That sounds like a fake Australian.


Tash Ferguson

You’ve just made the yes champagne stronger

Glug glug glug.


Chloe Haley

Disgusting!!!! Your voices aren’t ignored! We can’t ignore them if we tried! Your hate a vial words ring in our ears everyday you degrade us! You will loose this vote and you will be shown to be the rotten human beings you are #voteyes

Please ignore us, Chloe.


Stevie Valentine

Why won’t you reveal your identities? Cowards. If you think the the NO vote will win and everyone will just quietly be ok with that you are very wrong. It would literally be war and you would never hear the end of it until same sex marriage inevitably passes.

See that, dear reader? It will be war. And they declared it.



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2 thoughts on “#HateWins in the marriage debate”

  1. The twat that made this statement “Yes, it would be much better to align with people who promote 8-year old drag queens”, Who are these people? Gay people don’t have 8 year olds to promote and even if we did we never would because its ridicules…what you’re trying to create is a link between child abuse, pedophilia and gays but statistics from the beginning of recorded history shows that predominately pedophiles are heterosexual men in close relationships with the victims family who pray on girls but also on a lesser degree on boys and it’s more about power, control and sex…this person that has made this statement is supporting and helping pedophiles by deflecting from them and falsely accusing gays by insinuation, he/she is helping the pedophiles wrongfully profiling gays as the predator when infect its not it’s a specific heterosexual male…you my friend might as well be an accomplice! You people need to stop using children as a shield to help fight you argument, no child will be harmed with a yes vote, no child will be less off because of a yes vote and no child will be effected ether so man up and argue your point with out picking up a child and holding them up for defence!

  2. To the person thats stated that Tony Radevski is a fake Australian…He was born in Australia I would know I was there when he was! And what do you know about Tony to make such a child like remark…you back in the school playground? Tony Radevski knows what gay people go through by personal experience, he has by first account seen how my father disowned me and ridiculed me for 15 years for being gay and when graduating from film school made a documentary on my life and my family and the effect homophobia and hate did to us as a family, that documentary won many awards and was screened on SBS and won best documentary at the AFI awards 2008 and is also used as a study guid by the education department nationally, he witnessed what homophobia did to us and has more of a right then you to state an opinion…your “no” means “yes” to hating, “yes” to hurting, “yes” to bigotry, “yes” to oppression, “yes” to a more unsophisticated society who are more infatuated with the sex lives of gay men and woman but enjoy the privacy of their own…Tony Radevski is one of Australias finest up and coming film directors who’s star is on the rise who will ad more to the values of Australia then any No voter will!

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