Hate Watch: Bill Shorten, Sarah Hanson-Young, Claire Connelly, Adam Liaw, Anthony Albanese

Welcome to the first weekly instalment of Hate Watch, a series dedicated to monitoring hate and racism in Australian media and politics. 

Section 18c is supposed to make acts of discrimination unlawful when targeting a person based on race, religion or ethnic origin. Most reasonable Australians would be more amenable to the idea if the law were applied equally.

Unfortunately it’s weaponised against white Australians while our own elected leaders, ethnic and religious minorities, activists, and media personalities vilify and denigrate us without repercussion.

As a voter or taxpayer, you deserve to know who is advocating against your interests in the public sphere. Use this information to make informed decisions at the ballot and with your wallet. Deregister, boycott, complain, contact your local representative – do anything other than stay silent.

This week in Hate Watch we focus on the anti-white hatred and racism inspired by a Labor jobs advertisement because it “shows too many white Australians”. FYI “lack of diversity” = “too many white people”. 

Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s response is all you need to know about Labor’s stance on the needs and interests of white Australians. Like a good boy, he promised it [showing white people] “will never happen again”. If he can’t even show you without shame, how will he ever fight for you? 

Senator for South Australia (Australian Greens), Sarah Hanson-Young used blatant anti-white sentiment to virtue signal. 

No Sarah. Your vitriol at seeing white Australians represented on TV is a kick in the face to all white Australians.

In a show of clear contempt for white Australians, Claire Connelly (AFR, SBS, ABC, Saturday Paper) demonstrated she really only cares about skin colour that isn’t white.

Just showing white Australians is now considered “racism”. 

Adam Liaw, celebrity chef and columnist for @GoodFoodAU, @SundayLifeMag and @GuardianAus makes the Hate Watch list this week. Despite being a
@UNICEFAustralia and @AdelaideFC Ambassador he feels it’s acceptable to target Australian’s based on skin colour.

This might all seem like a joke to Liaw, who made his fortune in no small part from the white Australians he ridicules, but it’s not. This is part of a much larger debate with existential ramifications.

Anthony Albanese, Labor MP for Grayndler, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities, Tourism labelled the ad a “shocker”. Perhaps he’s so comfortable in a seat he’s held since 1996 he can spit on white Australians without concern.

If Australian leaders were serious about protecting citizens based on race or colour, they would protect all Australians. This growing resentment should be a wake up call. Appeasement won’t make it go away. 

As we’ve seen in every Western nation, the greater the presence and social equity minorities achieve, the more they demand and the more intensely they hate the white native population with the full complicity of their leftwing allies vying for votes. 

The extent to which you oppose or endorse this hatred depends, not on your race, but entirely on how long and what price you think the world’s white population should pay for historical transgressions. 

I think the account’s been settled. In fact, it’s starting to over draw. 


What can you do to end racism and fight for a fair Australia? 

Lodge an 18c complaint to the Human Rights Commission 

Cancel your Labor or Greens membership. If you’re white, they don’t care about you or your future.

Boycott: AFR, SBS, ABC, Saturday Paper, Good Food, Sunday Life Mag, Guardian, and any other organisation Connelly and Liaw associate with in future, as well as any advertisers associated with these publishers and organisations. 

Don’t read or share Claire Connelly’s writing, don’t buy Adam Liaw’s books, don’t watch his shows. Show them baseless accusations of racism and jokes at the expense of the disenfranchised are no longer acceptable. 

Spotted any hate? Let me know in the comments and I’ll consider every submission for next week’s Hate Watch. 


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