Hack Attack: Tom Tilley MUST double down

Leftists apoplectic over a conversation

Liberal Golden Boy Tom Tilley is facing a barrage of attacks from his usually adoring fans.

The host of Triple J Hack is experiencing what many of us on the right face daily: calls for no-platforming, unpersoning, and income destruction.

Why? He had a conversation with a White Nationalist. Oh the horror of talking to someone who wants a white country, however realistic you believe that prospect to be. The commie left seems to forget one thing in this glorious age of social media: we ALL have access to the facts.

Just look at the strawmen these people create and propagate.

You can also see the entire Fake News Media-Industrial Complex activate in sync, like a threatened cobra spreading its hood – and that’s exactly what they are: threatened.


The hysteria and lies from the left are never ending. At least Amy has a cooler head.

Remember, we have to put up with ideologically leftwing propaganda from the publicly-funded ABC all day every day, but just acknowledging that some people disagree with the current multiculti, 3rd worldist, consumer-driven paradigm is enough to get you ostracised, fired, and physically assaulted.

Let this be a lesson for Tom Tilley. They have already labelled you a “mediocre white man” and called for your career despite all you do for the champagne socialist set.

What you need to do now is double down. They certainly will. 

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