Gillian Triggs projecting on 18C

The old bat is living in a fantasy, and like every leftist ever, projects her own bias view every time she opens her stupid mouth. The campaign to change 18C is not “exhausted”. It was not run by a “small number of people absolutely determined that were would be change”.

However, both of those statements are true of the proponents of the anti-white censorship law. Their arguments are exhausted (18D does not sufficiently protect anyone from frivolous prosecution) and the only small group of people in this fight are the ethnic and religious minorities who have weaponised state power against the white Australian population.  

She said the campaign to change 18C appeared to have been exhausted. “It was clearly being run by a small number of people absolutely determined that there would be change,” she said.

“What I think they failed to understand and, indeed, both the Abbott and Turnbull governments failed to understand, is the very strong support within not only the multicultural or ethnic communities but within the Australian community generally.

Triggs reiterated her position that strictures of 18C was sufficiently counterbalanced by the protections of 18D and said she hoped to see an Australian bill of rights or human rights charter in her lifetime.

Triggs has also complained about “highly personalised attacks” and likened them to direct attacks of the AHRC itself. Ok sure, we’ll take that. So what? We’re sick of your lies. We’re sick of your attacks. We’re sick of your projection. Now pack your bags and get out of public life for good.

Triggs AHRC
Triggs appears to suffer from severe Merkel Mouth

Source: The Guardian

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