FEMINIST FAIL: Blind Recruitment Results in FEWER Women 

Blind recruitment is the practice of only selecting from CV’s that have completely eliminated name, gender, ethnicity and background…which isn’t a bad idea…IF WE HAD A PROBLEM. The reason the ‘blind recruitment’ method is seen as a waste of time by those in the know, is because it does nothing more than attempt to shine light on a non – existing problem.

Furthermore, the man in charge of the trials, Professor Michael Hiscox, said the aim was to reveal the fact that without gender on the CV’s females would experience a higher employment success rate…oh how he was wrong.

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Basically the truth comes out that hiding candidates gender on job applications results in a GREATER likelihood of men, NOT WOMEN, getting an interview. So much for that “male privilege”. Watch how quickly feminists will scurry away in light of these findings. No doubt we’ll hear about the study’s “flaws” and how this is all still somehow men’s fault.

Harvard Professor Hiscox
Prof Hiscox…dun goofed.

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