Fairfax staff cut: Australia’s loss

Today’s announcement that Fairfax will cut more than 100 jobs is heartbreaking. How can we go on without Fairfax setting the standard for exemplary journalism? Just look at these remarkable stories.

Sydney Morning Herald

The white ibis, or bin chicken, hits the carbs in Sydney, leaving its ‘paleo diet’ behind in the bush

Jimmy Kimmel’s tearful show opener

Hillary Clinton blames Russian hackers, Comey for 2016 election loss

The Age

Call us ‘midults’ or ‘F-somethings’ – just not ‘middle aged’

Victoria’s $20 million war chest to fight alien ant invasion

George Christenson reveals drastic weightloss surgery

Australian Financial Review

3 cookbooks that beat Googling recipes

Men on testosterone are quicker to make snap judgments

New survey finds one in 10 US travellers have sex in an airport

Truly, Fairfax is a guiding light in today’s partisan world dominated by fake news. One can only hope the redundant journalists land at a reputable outlet that values ethics and objectivity, like Buzzfeed or Vice. 

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