Fairfax savaged by their own readers over immigration 

Far be it from any of us mere mortals to expect Fairfax writers to use basic mathematics.

MacroBusiness reports:

By Leith van Onselen

Following Friday’s release by the ABS of revised population data, which showed that Melbourne’s population had grown by an insane 127,175 (2.7%) in 2016:

And by nearly 1.1 million (30%) in the 12 years to 2016:

As well as the state Liberal Party’s warning of a congestion crisis and calling for a broad population debate.

The Age’s editorial responded with the following drivel yesterday [my emphasis]:

Melbourne is facing a decade of disruption. The $11 billion Metro rail tunnel project is transforming the inner city into a long-term construction site. While this will cause considerable inconvenience for many Melburnians, the creation of such transformative infrastructure is crucial to the wellbeing of all of us in a metropolis whose population is expanding by 300 a day – more than 100,000 a year.

The pivotal question is not whether the belated surge in rail investment is going to be too much to bear, but whether it will be enough. Slashing immigration would be a dreadful error – punitive, stopgap and robbing us of the benefits of migration. But we should be doing more than playing catch-up; we should be thinking bigger and planning far more urban and regional transport investment. Multiple train line upgrades and extensions are needed.

Rapid population growth has benefited the city, the state and the nation...

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