Dirty Dastyari calls for total ban on political donations

There’s a saying in the comms business that perfectly sums up this ABC piece: “Your strategy is showing”.

This whole thing is clearly a PR stunt designed to win back public sympathy for the disgraced Labor senator Shanghai Sam.

It’s a pathetic bleeding heart appeal and grovelling admission of his own corrupt behaviour, all nicely wrapped up as a moral high ground invitation to Turnbull to end big money in politics with a “gentleman’s agreement”.

They even threw in those pics of Baby Sam – remember the ones he used when he asked the public if we’d ban Baby Sam from entering Australia?(The answer is still yes).

In summary, this ABC article is Grade A, 100% pure FAKE NEWS. Expect Sam Dastyari to be making a significant political move in the coming months.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari has called for an end to the way in which parties compete for donations, and a total ban on all future political donations.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten fell short of supporting the suggestion, but agreed more transparency is needed. 

“I’m happy to reiterate my invitation to Malcolm Turnbull. Malcolm … we should shake hands and make it a gentleman’s agreement — No foreign money in our election process. Labor’s happy to work with the Liberals and implement a standard even in advance of the law,” he said.

Source: Labor senator Sam Dastyari calls for total ban on political donations – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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