Coles and Woolworths Must Be Punished

I would suggest the fate of traitors, but since you can’t try and hang an organisation for selling out its nation to hostile foreign cults, the next best thing is starving them of revenue. 

If (even) Prime Minister Trumble is sensible enough not to repeat last year’s disastrous Ramadan dinner, which saw extremists dine in Kirribilli House, what in the world possessed our national retailers to pander to the supposedly tiny minority of Muslim Australians? 

They must be punished in the only way they understand. Boycott. 

They may “celebrate” (they use that term loosely) Christmas, Easter, Hannukah, and Diwali “etc” – but Christians, Jews, and Hindus are not on a worldwide campaign using violence and victimhood in equal measure to assert their identity and demand more attention, resources, and influence. But even if they were (and some will argue they are), we’re under no obligation to accept our own subjugation.

In the same week two Australians were killed by Muslims in London, national brands still have the audacity to promote this disgusting cult. Don’t come at me with “not all”. I know “not all”. The problem is among the “all” there are “some” and the only solution is to have “none”. Islam does not belong in western nations. Period. 



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