Clementine Ford stoops to new low. Attacks school boys. 

From Anti-feminism Australia: Clementine Ford has been caught bullying 15 year old school boys on her twitter page after she gave a talk to them about “misogyny” at Aquinas College in Melbourne.

According to one student, she avoided any “challenging” questions by “bolting out of there like the road runner” as she was clearly intimidated by 15 year olds calling out her bullshit. Unable to win the argument, she cowardly went home to hide behind her keyboard and hurl insults at these children on twitter.

Just take a look at the hate this notorious misandrist is hurling at fifteen year old boys, who unsurprisingly no longer buy feminist lies.

Clementine Ford should not be addressing children. To the boys at Aquinas, do not back down. Do not apologise. Clementine Ford’s intersectional feminist theory is indeed bullshit.

Read full horror show: Clementine Ford bullies school boys after giving talk at school – Anti-Feminism Australia


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