Channel 10 is FAKE NEWS and @DanLMcG is a liar: “Stop the Fags” poster a HOAX

Dan Leach-McGill receives anonymous photo. How convenient.

Channel 10 photoshops it onto a bus stop and claims “Melbourne is plastered”.

City of Melbourne and journalists can’t find any of the posters (because they don’t exist).

“…it has emerged that Mr Leach-McGill had not personally viewed the poster, which was sent to him by an unnamed friend — and attempts by journalists and the City of Melbourne to track one down came to naught. Now Channel 10 has admitted to the cardinal sin of journalism: photoshopping an image of the poster onto a stock image of a bus stop in Europe, to use in its television coverage of the issue.”

Dan Leach-McGill still has the false flag tweet up on his Twitter profile. And they wonder why the public despises the mainstream “news” and the bottom-feeders known as “journalists”.

Source: Channel 10 busted photoshopping anti gay marriage poster onto bus stop

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