Bernard Keane: Australia is a shitheap, now pay to read more

This little cock-eyed cuck has just published a diatribe laden with the usual list of “ists and isms” – presumably whinging about some hilarious IRL memes mocking The Most Publicly Hated Muslim In Australia (bigmouth Yassmin “Islam is a feminist religion” Abdel-Magied) and The Second Most Publicly Hated Muslim In Australia (insufferable asshole, Little Wally). But I wouldn’t know the specifics. Keane’s B-list blog is behind a paywalll and I’d rather spend my Huge White Male Paychecks on really important things, like…literally anything else.

It’s typical of leftists to label anything they disagree with an “attack”. One is tempted to forgive angsty SJW teenagers with vocal fry when they conflate criticism and attack (it’s only for attention after all), but it’s particularly nauseating seeing a grown man do it. I hope Bernard Keane will emancipate himself from this terrible racist, shitheap country and follow Yassmin to London… like the dog that he is.


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