Australian “Safe Schools” Program linked to Paedophilia & Communism 

Just yesterday someone complained to me (again) about the supposed “right wing propaganda” targeting Safe Schools. I thought it was time to remind my friends and family of the perverts behind the concept. Ignoring the program’s questionable content, these people are the reason “Safe Schools” – like any government program – is the exact opposite of its moniker. They should be completely denied any influence over social policy, especially education. The following is the best summary I’ve found so far, compiled by Unsafe Schools. 

In 2010 the organisation Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV), in partnership with La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society(ARCSHS), launched an Australian version of the ‘Safe Schools’ program, built on the Kevin Jennings model of pushing radical left-wing sexual ideology in the guise of anti-bullying.

The ARCSHS harbours some disturbing individuals, three of which I have covered below.

Gary Dowsett

Prof. Gary Dowsett

The Deputy Director of ARCSHS, Prof. Gary Dowsett, is a veteran homosexual activist. In 1982, he authored an article for the journal ‘Gay Information‘ [issue no. 11, pp. 34-38], which was published by a Sydney-based organisation called ‘Gay Information Service’. The article was titled ‘Boiled Lollies and Bandaids: Gay Men and Kids‘ (click here to view the original). Here are some excerpts:

“First, we have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of paedophiles and their young loves; and finally, the sexual rights of children as a whole.”

“And I also have a friend, a paedophile, who is working very hard on making sense out of his relations with boys. Those relations consist of, among other things, a large amount of nurture and support for these boys, a real caring for their welfare and growth.”

“How different then is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his/her lover? From all their accounts and from many academic studies (some worse than others), that kind of love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship.”

“The current paedophilia debate then is crucial to the political processes of the gay movement: paedophiles need our support, and we need to construct the child/adult sex issue on our terms.”

It should be noted that this article appears on Dowsett’s latest résumé, on the official La Trobe University website. He makes no attempt to hide it. [2017 UPDATE:There now appears to be an attempt to hide Dowsett’s authorship of this article. The résumé pdf file containing the article has now been deleted from above URL and there is no replacement, nor does it appear on Dowsett’s La Trobe University staff profile. Luckily it is still available via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, here.]

In 1996 Dowsett, then a sociology lecturer at Macquarie University, defended two University of Newcastle sociology lecturers who were caught teaching students about “inter-generational sex” (aka. paedophilia). Newcastle Police’s Child Protection Investigation Unit obtained the relevant lecture materials and submitted them to the Wood Royal Commission, saying they could have an insidious influence on young students.

Dowsett was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald [26th May, 1996] saying:

“Ever since Margaret Mead, we have known well that human sexuality takes different forms in different cultures. If we start restricting the capacity of academics to inquire and research – and it’s very easy to start with pedophiles – where does it end?”

The lecturers were Dr. Terrence Leahy and Dr. James Wafer.

Dr. Leahy was well known among his colleagues for his many writings on paedophilia, including his 1991 PhD thesis and a 1992 journal article titled “Positively experienced man/boy sex: the discourse of seduction and the social construction of masculinity”.

Wafer’s lecture notes included ‘queer’ theorist Gayle Rubin’s 1984 essay “Thinking Sex”, which argues that:

“Like communists and ­homosexuals in the 1950s, boy-lovers are so stigmatised that it is difficult to find defenders for their civil liberties … in 20 years or so, when the smoke has cleared, it will be much easier to show that these men have been the victims of a savage and undeserved witch hunt.”

Both Leahy and Wafer remain employed by the University of Newcastle.

In 2000 a book titled “Framing the Sexual Subject” was published. An essay by Dowsett titled ‘Bodyplay: Corporeality in a Discursive Silence’ constitutes the first chapter. The following is an excerpt:

“Many other men I have interviewed over the last ten years of research reported similar childhood experiences—regular sex games with neighbors, with schoolmates, sometimes with older men. The boys taught each other about erections and the orifices they might penetrate, about the pleasures of arousal, and inevitably about ejaculation. Most learned sex acts with peers; occasionally older youths or siblings were involved. Some reported learning from schoolmates of places (called in Australia “beats,” and usually public parks or toilet blocks) to find sex with grown men and with other boys. Such sex play was not furtive, but was carried on away from the gaze of parents and other adults. It was also a very sociable activity, collectively pursued, yet free from the preponderant discursive definition to which sexuality is often prone. In this sense, such sexual exploration occurred in social lacunae in which the operation of general prohibitive and regulatory discourses on sex was imperfect and patchy in penetration. Its success, if any, lay in producing secrecy, not celibacy.”

In the same essay he also describes, in great detail, a homosexual orgy:

“The man on the couch lifts his head a little and briefly surveys the congregation, notes the erect man at his side, and slowly lowers his head onto folded arms. He raises his buttocks slightly to the touch of his attendant, giving consent. Over the next hour, the man on the bench is fucked by ten men in sequence, always with condoms, always with his head cradled on folded arms, after the first glance never seeking to assess the successors laboring upon him, and only in momentary crescendoes arching backwards to receive more fully his thrusting devotees in their perverse salute to the sun.”


Steven Angelides

Dr. Steven Angelides

Dr Steven Angelides was the Senior Grants Administrator of ARCSHS. His title now appears to have changed to “Grants and Development Advisor”.

In a 2004 article for the journal Meanjin [Volume 63, Issue 4] titled “Sex and the Child“, Angelides said:

“There is research to show that, as well as feeling a sense of power and control in sexual encounters with adults, children can frequently experience sexual pleasure…It is imperative that children’s sexual desires and sense of power and pleasure not only be recognised but also normalised.”

Angelides has written on the infamous Bill Henson affair of 2008. He contributed an essay on the topic to the 2013 German book titled ‘Erogene Gefahrenzonen‘ in which he said:

“The Henson case is exemplary of a typical response in the West to the social and discursive commingling of children and sexuality. Herein lies one of the major bugbears of this scandal, and other Western child sexualisation scandals: What are we to do with the fact that the child sexual subject is not the passive recipient of the adult gaze or adult sexuality or adult sexual framworks? Often she looks back, speaks back, touches back, and indeed initiates and colludes with adults, not to mention often strips for them or has sex with them voluntarily.”

In November 2014 Angelides provided “expert evidence” in a court case involving Colin ‘Emu’ Nugent, a notorious paedophile activist. Nugent was facing child pornography charges in Western Australia, for possessing copies of the 1980s pro-paedophilia magazine ‘Rockspider’, and had appealed to the WA Supreme Court.

Angelides argued that:

“…copies of the magazine Rockspider have literary and scientific merit and that it is in the public interest, and for the public good, that Rockspider be available to be studied. To destroy such historical records would make important scholarly work impossible.”

Angelides also writes about incest.

In a 2003 article titled ‘Historicizing Affect, Psychoanalyzing History: Pedophilia and the Discourse of Child Sexuality‘, and published in the Journal of Homosexuality [Volume 46, No. 1-2], Angelides writes:

“The problem is that our culture demands that any eroticized parent-child emotions and any overt childhood sexual desire remain unexpressed. We simply do not have a language to speak childhood sexuality, let alone a language to articulate the erotic bond between children and parents. These topics are taboo. We are not even expected to talk about them, let alone admit to having such desires. But without a language to work through these prohibited desires, the grief, guilt, and shame they engender remain unresolved. And this only intensifies the original trauma of infantile sexuality. How do we then deal with these highly intense and inarticulable incestuous and pedophilic desires?”


“Above and beyond genuine fears of child abuse, I submit that pedophilia also activates adult memory traces of: our own incestuous desires as children; our own desires for children; our role in awakening the sexuality of children; our complicity in the cultural sexualization of children (thus the undermining our conscious investment in child protection); and our part in the denial of a signifier, or, discourse of child sexuality.”

Roz Ward

Roz Ward

Roz Ward is the (now former) Coordinator of ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ in Victoria, and is one of the primary architects of the program. She is an open communist, a longtime member of Socialist Alternative, and is heavily involved in the education unions.

At the 2015 Marxism Conference in Melbourne she made the following statements:

“LGBTI oppression and heteronormativity are woven into the fabric of capitalism…there’s no denying that some areas of life have improved for LGBTI people and programs like Safe Schools Coalition are making some difference, but we’re still an extremely long way from liberation…only Marxism provides both the theory and the practice of genuine human liberation.”


“To smooth the operation of capitalism the ruling class has benefited, and continues to benefit, from oppressing our bodies, relationships, sexuality and gender identities alongside sexism, homophobia and transphobia; both serve to break the spirits of ordinary people, to consume our thoughts, to make us accept the status quo and for us to keep living or aspiring to live, or feel like we should live, in small social units and families where we must reproduce and take responsibility for those people in those units.”

At the 2013 Marxism Conference she said:

“I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist, so invite me to your school if you will.”

Roz Ward with Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews

Ward was a co-author of a 2014 ARCSHS-published report titled ‘From Blues to Rainbows‘. This report had been prepared from secret discussions with children conducted without the knowledge or permission of their parents. According to a report in The Australian newspaper:

“Vulnerable teenagers as young as 14, including some who had ­suicidal thoughts, were secretly interviewed without parental knowledge about their gender and sexuality by a university ­research team with links to the Safe Schools program.”

How were these children contacted? Disturbingly, they were recruited via social media, and the interviews were conducted via an online instant messenger platform, often in the evening to avoid parents finding out what was going on. The operation was promoted by pro-homosexual activist organisations and publications, as well as by the ABC’s music radio station, Triple J.

In 2014 Ward was heavily involved in protests against the Abbott Government’s first budget, and she has called for immigration detention centres to be burnt down. The following screenshot was taken on the 17th of February, 2016:


Source: Unsafe Schools

The American Origins of the “Safe Schools” Concept

The ‘Safe Schools’ concept was pioneered by American homosexual activist Kevin Jennings in the early 1990s. Jennings has intimate connections with the paedophilia liberation movement, and was inspired by the communist and NAMBLA-supporter Harry Hay.

Canadian “Safe Schools” Architect Convicted of Child Porn

In 2015 one of the primary instigators of the Canadian incarnation of the ‘Safe Schools’ program was convicted on charges of child porn and counselling a ‘mother’ (who was really an undercover police officer) to rape her child.

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8 thoughts on “Australian “Safe Schools” Program linked to Paedophilia & Communism ”

  1. ‘How different then is that gentle, tentative sexuality… ‘
    Quite simply put, one sort of love – a parent’s teaches self-reliance, self-esteem and pride-in-effort; The other side seeks a sexual gratification for the adult member of the partnership (Bullshit in this case) for a usually non-permanent and roaming interest that cares nothing for the wellbeing of the ‘target’ as long as the perpetrator (of eh CRIME) gets their way – gets their rocks off.
    Do not try and romanticise that rock spiders are people. They are sick, twisted individuals who need psychological help to straighten themselves out. Not that that will happen – the first thing they have to do is admit they are at FAULT!

  2. You’re all sick. Leave our innocent children.
    You guys need help or custration. Call it what u will.
    This is what you’re teChing uni students. Shame on you.

  3. All these wicked people need jailing and cardtration, sick, pathetic, terrible predators….. you do not deserve the air you breathe….

  4. I am an adult survivor of child sexual abuse and a high school teacher of 20 years, who has had to intervene with many suicidal teenagers, the majority of whom had histories of child sexual abuse. I have seen the content of the supposedly “safe schools” program and there is NO WAY that ANY CHILD OR TEENAGER, regardless of their possible sexual orientation in the future, SHOULD BE EXPOSED TO IT. This program has been deliberately developed to be COERCIVE and play on children/teenagers’ already highly suggestible minds with its PORNAGRAPHIC CONTENT and HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE ROLE-PLAYS. It also relied on the La Trobe University’s highly questionable and skewed research into LGBTI teenagers’ experiences, which did not follow any normal or ethical research practices for ensuring that the data was balanced, widely sourced, or even had a comparative baseline group (in this case, a hetersexual group of teenagers) for considering mean suicidal rates, bullying and harassment, etc. All their findings about LGBTI teenagers were made in isolation, without any consideration being made to the normative experiences of all teenagers, which are virtually the same when it comes to highly unpleasant experiences, high levels of depression, frequency of suicide ideation for those with backgrounds of family breakdown and child sexual abuse, and extremely high levels of bullying and harassment among both boys and girls, regardless of sexual preference. They also did absolutely NO RESEARCH into the family situations, mental health and possible child sexual abuse of the LGBTI teenagers that they conducted their “research” on.

    1. Kate thx so much for that comment. I have been trying to get a researcher to take on that exact issue… this “program” which is an enforced ideology not just a bit of a lesson, doesn’t take the individual development of any child into account and yes trauma, omg, also a victim, do not know what these messages would have done to me as a child, it was enough of a struggle…

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