Australian Army granted “Death Squad” status, but don’t get too excited

AUSTRALIA’S military will be given new far-reaching powers, including the ability to take control of terror incidents on home soil, under a national security overhaul. The Turnbull government is set to announce the sweeping terror law changes today. Under the changes, the army could block streets and kill terror suspects, News Corp reported.

Considering the NSW police’s appalling response to the Lindt Siege (which “Trumble” insists was not the reason for these changes), and their consistently embarrassing behaviour on social media, I’m not at all surprised.

While I quite like the idea of merciless special ops forces gunning down jihadis in Australian CBDs, I can’t say I support this move for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s just another expansion of state powers for the sake of precious diversity. A simpler solve would be to ban and bulldoze all Islamic institutions and deport the problem population from our midst (No that’s not extreme…for every Imam Tahwidi there are a hundred Shady Al-Suleimans).

Secondly, we know the armed forces are already co-opted by social justice warriors. That’s not to disparage our men and women in uniform. It’s the men at the top who don high heels for feels I don’t think should command such tremendous power. Morrison single-handedly sullied the reputation of the Australian military with that pathetic PR stunt. The thought of his swollen, hairy beetle-crushers stuffed into a pair of Mary-Janes still makes my stomach turn.

Thirdly, our overwhelmingly leftwing corporate media continues to attempt to redefine terrorism based on the lie that “right wing nationalists” are a greater threat to Western nations than the Muslims who keep beheading our soldiers, priests, and journalists.

And finally, it’s bad enough we have Turnbull in office, and even though he’s behind this legal change, he’s still basically a Bolshevik. Imagine that malleable little weasel, Shorten, deploying armed forces on the streets to “combat the threat of terror” while his media cronies redefine terror to exclude the actual terrorists and force Australian citizens into submission as we’re flooded with Apex Gangs and “Syrian children” (i.e. bearded men from sub-Saharan Africa).

Yeah, no thanks.

Source: Australian Army to take terror attack lead, not local police under Malcolm Turnbull overhaul

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