Australia: children now have easier access to testosterone than men

SBS: “The Family Court has ruled that transgender teenagers will no longer have to front a courtroom in order to access Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Prior to this ruling, transgender children and their families would have to go to the Family Court in order to access the treatment, which was often a long, painful, and expensive process, which could be emotionally draining and psychologically harmful to the child in question.”

This news comes one year after “experts” at the Endocrine Society of Australia decided the only acceptable instance of prescription of the vital hormone would now be “pathological hypogonadism”.

So a 10 year-old girl who decides she’s a boy can access hormones but a 35 year-old man with the same T-levels as his grandfather cannot.

This sends a loud and clear message to Australia’s young men: it doesn’t matter if you have female sex characteristics including breasts, swollen nipples, fatty pelvic tissue and hips, or impotence, lethargy, mood disorders, low libido, depression, anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, or hot flushes.

You don’t get a say in the quality of your existence.

The medical establishment and mainstream media reflexively condemn the so-called “dangers” of testosterone in the context of grown men pursuing physical and mental health, but gleefully celebrate irreversible, life-altering injections given to pre-teen girls.

They’ll report on “alarming upticks” in testosterone prescription but downplay or ignore the ongoing disastrous drop in western male testosterone levels.

But remember, if you notice any of the above you’ll be vilified as a bigoted, sexist conspiritard suffering from internalised toxic masculinity.

It’s ok to be on the supposed gender spectrum as long as you’re not on the ends.

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