“Anti-fascist” AIDS patients disrupt Marriage Rally

AntiFa really is sending their best.

On September 26, fifteen unwashed anarchists descended on a Christian meeting about marriage to call for the arson of churches. According to Insurrection News, which describes itself as “news, counter-information & incitement from the global front lines of anti-capitalist insurrection & social war”, the protestors included “sex workers, drug users, disabled people, people living with blood borne viruses and survivors of child abuse & spiritual abuse…”
So that means prostitutes, intravenous drug users and AIDS patients bravely stand up against those who want healthy families. Judging by the pink, I’m guessing these social outcasts are funded by globalist billionaire (and sponsor of the Colour Revolutions) George Soros.

Of course these drug addicted vectors of disease describe their terrorist actions as “depriving religious fundamentalists of a platform”… “to make their event as uncomfortable as possible…”

Even if you’re not a Christian, you can surely agree these filthy cretins are the scourge of society. Here are some of the messages they wish to convey, dear reader:

  • Love not Hate
  • Death to Christian fascists
  • God raped Mary, she didn’t consent and should have aborted (whilst 2 women enthusiastically tongue kissed) – Editor’s note: How shocking. How original. If only Madonna did that 20 years ago.
  • Crucify Christian fundamentalists
  • Christian fascists
  • Death to homophobes
  • This isn’t about free speech, would you have given the Nazis a platform?
  • This is War!
  • We know who your leaders are and where they live!

They also added this statement in their press release:

“We undertook this action, not because we necessarily believe in marriage, or the power of voting for constitutional reforms to improve our lives, rather, we believe the Australian Christian Lobby to be a fascist group, whose vile and hateful rhetoric and polices have the ability to influence public discourse and policy and to further persecute and criminalise the already highly marginalised and stigmatised communities we belong to.”

There you have it. Don’t like HIV-infected whores telling you how to live? You’re a fascist!!!

And this absolute pearler:

“Similarly, members of the Australian Christian Lobby have worked with racist and fascist right-wing groups who are active in the persecution and vilification of the Muslim community.”

AntiFa is now defending Islam, the most fascistic socio-political ideology on earth. Go figure.


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