Lucy Gichuhi: An Australian First

Family First’s Lucy Gichuhi is set to replace former South Australian senator Bob Day, but ABC is being unusually coy about the news. Why?

Gichuhi satisfies several criteria in the Oppression Olympics: being a WOC (i.e. “Woman of Colour” which is leftwing parlance deemed somehow less offensive than “Coloured Woman”) satisfies two of those. Her immigrant status earns her another enthusiastic tick from the identity-driven ideologues on the left. And she claims a title coveted by progressives the world over: “first African” elected to parliament.

So why isn’t Gichuhi treated to shower of exultant media praise like Labor’s (Muslim immigrant WOC) Anne Azza Aly was?

Could it be because Gichuhi has openly and unashamedly admitted to being a Christian, represents socially and fiscally conservative Family First, and believes (correctly) that welfare creates victims?

It’s no surprise Allah’s Broadcasting Channel has chosen to question Gichuhi’s eligibility based on claims about her having held dual citizenship in the past (which Gichuhi denies).


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