AHRC creates moral panic with university sexual assault report

The ABC is gleefully reporting the sexual harrassment epidemic going on right now on uni campuses across Australia.

More than half of all university students were sexually harassed on at least one occasion last year, a landmark survey by the Human Rights Commission has found.

Fifty-one per cent of students were sexually harassed at least once in 2016, the commission found, while one in four students was sexually harassed in a university setting on at least one occasion in 2016.

I was curious why ABC didn’t link to the offical report on this “landmark survey”. Could they be trying to spin something?

Let’s have a look at how the Australia Human Rights Commission defines “sexual harassment” for this study.

2.2 Nature of sexual harassment

The most common forms of sexual harassment experienced in a university setting in 2016 were:

• inappropriate staring or leering (14%)
• sexually suggestive comments or jokes (11%), and
• intrusive questions about an individual’s private life or physical appearance (9%).

Staring, comments, jokes, and questions now constitute sexual harassment if you deem them “inappropriate”. 

And for this, the publicly funded Human Rights Commission is making 9 “recommendations” they want to see publicly funded universities adopt.

But let’s grant this report the benefit of the doubt and assume sexual harassment is a national problem and as prevalent as they wish it were. Why are universities – those epicentres of political and sexual liberalism – such dangerous shitholes infested with rapists and sex pests?

The left has had control of the academy for decades. Really makes you think.

Kate Jenkins wouldn’t have a job if people weren’t getting sexually harassed

Source: University sexual assault report: Half of all students harassed at least once in 2016 – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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