ABC’s Greg Jennett: incompetent or dishonest?

The ABC just can’t get it right. Their latest hit piece, Donald Trump has entered a war he cannot win — in which truth is the enemy, is so terrible I’ve decided to rebut it line by line. Greg Jennett is either incompetent or dishonest.

One of Donald Trump’s deepest laments about modern America is that it doesn’t win wars anymore.

This is just a stupid statement. What sane national leader wants to lose a war? Wanting to win a war is not the same as wanting to start one. Besides, where has the ant-war left been for the last eight years?

He may not yet realise it, but the US President has now hurled himself headlong into a war with Washington’s national security establishment — a war in which powerful forces and the odds of victory are both stacked against him.

Stacked against him like they have been since the day he announced.

Wading into murky waters

Fresh from a gruelling 24 hours putting out fires, the White House is facing a new and potentially even more damaging scandal.

What fires? The ones fabricated by the same media outlets you’re reading for this piece?

The opening shot fired on FBI director James Comey has motivated retaliation among some in the vast US intelligence community, the State Department, sections of the Department of Justice and many of the 35,000 officers and investigators within the FBI.

You’re suggesting firing Comey was an act of war while ignoring Comey’s role in refusing to bring charges against Clinton.

Coupled with an already existing breakdown in relations with the White House, angered security operatives have chosen to leak truth to power rather than try to speak it.

Can you prove “an already existing breakdown in relations with the White House”? No. This is conjecture.

No-one within the Trump administration can possibly know where this will end — the only certainty they can have is that they’re surrounded by officials with an awesome capacity to disrupt, disclose and disarm the presidency from concealed positions.

A democratically elected president surrounded by hostile elements represting special interests is nothing to brag about.

The keepers and collectors of America’s national secrets come armed with documents, cameras, microphones and contact books containing trusted media and congressional phone numbers — a formidable arsenal against any opponent.

That’s the problem.

To defend himself, Mr Trump has the power of office, the authority to fire on suspicion and a Twitter account with 30 million followers.

You forgot his greatest weapon, Greg. A support base who carried him to victory despite themselves being victims of a sustained campaign of vitriolic slander and lies from the entire media establishment, democrats, republicans and independents, paid protests, tens of thousands of disinformation agents, hundreds of fake hate crimes and constant street violence.

To his great frustration, none of these has yet had the power to stop the steady flow of leaks against him.

Did you write any analysis of the contents of the Podesta leaks? I had a look through your archive and couldn’t find any.

Those Russians…

Right from the start of his presidency in January, anti-Trump forces — including conservative Republicans — have craved a better understanding of connections between the billionaire’s 2016 campaign team and Russian interests.

Anti-Trump forces — including conservative Republicans – invented the connection. This is well documented.

Unmasking Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort and others has been very slow-going for all Congressional committees investigating.

Unmasking is slow going? Unmasking is illegal. Only foreign agents can be unmasked. That is why Obama, Lynch, et al are now in the DOJ’s sights. They could – should – go to jail for using state machinery to spy on political opponents. What they did is the greatest political crime of our generation. Had you even noticed or are you ignoring it?

So, when the President had Russia’s Foreign Minister and its very active ambassador to Washington into the Oval Office last week, it was always going to pique the curiosity of those with special access to information about what was discussed.


Within days they obtained details of the meeting, pushed it to the Washington Post and then watched the White House lurch into another chaotic exercise in damage control.

They didn’t obtain details, though did they? This is an outright lie. One hour after the news broke that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was communicating with Wikileaks (further adding to the suspicion he was the source of the DNC leaks), WaPo ran the hit piece against Trump, attempting to paint a routine meeting as something nefarious. Putin himself has offered to release the transcript and Israel has said nothing secret was revealed. Besides, do we want ISIS defeated or not? It should be noted, John Podesta (who failed to get Clinton elected) now works for WaPo.

Is there a ‘deep state’ in America?

Yes. Why are you casting doubt?

The idea that government officials are working against the White House has gathered pace.

That’s because they are.

Although the account was routinely disputed at first, hours later the President largely confirmed its authenticity via Twitter acknowledging he did “share with Russia … facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety”.


Even if Mr Trump did not reveal classified information or the source who’d provided intelligence on an apparent Islamic State threat to turn onboard laptop computers into in-flight bombs, the speed and broad accuracy of the leak was enough to confirm the White House’s worst fears that the President is being monitored and openly challenged.

So you acknowledge he may not have revealed classified information? Then this entire article rests on a false premise. Trump has not started a war, has he? He’s not the aggressor here, is he?

Spokesman Sean Spicer has been deliberately vague on what records are captured and kept in the White House, but the suggestion some may exist has set off a scramble among Republicans and Democrats eager to finally grasp evidence of pro-Russian appeasement that’s eluded their inquiries so far.

It’s eluded their inquiries because it doesn’t exist beyond diplomatic relations.

What’s Comey Got?

If unseen opponents within what some call the “deep state” of the US bureaucracy aren’t disruptive enough, the brooding presence of an ousted FBI director only spells more trouble — and it’s barely begun.

Fun fact: Washington Post was purchased by Jeff Bezos (Amazon) for $300m. A year later he received a contract from the CIA worth $600m. You tell me…is there a “deep state”?

Like many lawyers responsible for handling sensitive information, Mr Comey seems to have developed a habit of documenting his conversations.

Sure – he wrote a memo to himself about Trump asking him to pervert the course of justice but he just sat on that information and didn’t reveal it until now? After he was fired? Millions would believe that but I don’t.

Will Trump be impeached?


After a turbulent week in the White House, is the impeachment of US President Donald Trump likely? According to one legal specialist who should know, not yet.

Not ever. Let it go. We know David Brock injected another $40m into ShareBlue with impeachment as one of several opposition goals, but Hillary’s $1.2B campaign failed. Why would a few million succeed?

If there is a memo recording any request by the President in February to wind up the FBI investigation into the campaign’s Russian connections (denied by the White House), it is certain to be one of many Mr Comey will have written in his dealings with this administration.

I wonder if Comey also documented instructions from Obama and Lynch? Hmmm.

If the director had asked for more resources to complete the Russia investigation (denied by the Department of Justice), it would no doubt be documented too.

No doubt. But if I were Comey I’d be worried about any trail that might lead back to Hillary. No fewer than 119 of her close associates have mysteriously died.

Factor in the threat of retaliatory leaks by the President:

— and it all makes for a prolonged and messy battle of wills which would embroil the White House for months and inevitably tarnish someone — either the President, Mr Comey, other individuals or institutions of state.

Depends on how much of this rubbish you believe. It sounds like you still think WaPo is a real news organisation and not a propaganda arm of the DNC/deepstate/Clintons/Podesta/Obama.

That’s why forces in Congress are already threatening subpoenas to get any documentary or electronic material that might shed light on the real factors behind Mr Comey’s dismissal.

Good. Maybe they’ll subpoena Susan Rice at some point?

Few beyond hardcore Democrat supporters are engaged in open conversation about impeachment, but many more months of trench warfare with the national security establishment will test the patience of all in Congress — especially tetchy Republicans.

In other words, this is going to drag on.

Five Eyes — and more — look for resolution

Palace intrigue and political drama travels fast and well beyond Washington to the capitals of the world.

But when secret intelligence is flung around as ammunition in a domestic power play, it’s viewed with deadly seriousness abroad.

The problem with the ABC types like Greg Jennett is the deadly seriousness with which they view themselves.

The FBI’s history of scandals

An FBI historian tells stories from the agency’s ups and downs over 109 years and four dismissed directors.

There is at least a hint Israeli information was shared with Sergei Lavrov by Mr Trump, which if true, has potential to disrupt a vital source of security information from the Middle East.

This has already been addressed by Israel. Nothing was revealed. No one was compromised.

Australia’s intelligence community — as members of the trusted “Five Eyes” grouping — has grappled with multiple leaks out of the US, starting with Edward Snowden and continuing through to the Prime Minister’s phone conversation with Mr Trump in January.

When questioned about developments in Washington this last week, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull remained publicly unfazed.

“We have a very close intelligence-sharing relationship with the US and our other ‘Five-Eyes’ partners. It is as close as it possibly could be, but I won’t comment on those press [reports],” he politely parried.

Others in Canberra’s intelligence community will watch on with greater trepidation.

After all, most of them were taught that high-quality, secret, information is a weapon states need to use to prevent wars — not start them.

Except the global neocon/neolib media-military-industrial complex is now trying to push Trump to overthrow Assad using fake gas attacks staged by Al-Qaeda’s White Helmets and hysterical rumours of “crematoriums” that actually, upon investigation, turn out to be standard heating equipment.

This is the quality of political analysis provided by “our” ABC. Greg Jennett is either out of touch with reality because he too is a victim of misinformation, or he himself is an agent of same. Either way, the Australian taxpayer should not be footing a billion dollar bill for tabloid gossip with a leftwing bias that could lead us into yet another global conflict.

Note: Trump’s base has been, on the whole, consistent in their view that Comey had to go. It’s worth noting some have now suggested he may end up the hero in all of this. He may have chosen not to prosecute Clinton for her crimes during the election knowing she would evade justice with Lynch’s DOJ. Time will tell.

Source: Donald Trump has entered a war he cannot win — in which truth is the enemy – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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