3 of the Best Alternative Australian News Media Outlets

Are you sick of the same Cultural-Marxist-infested news media sources pushing PC clap-trap? Here are three of the best alternative Australian news media outlets.

Thankfully Aussie media is in better shape than the US, where 90% of legacy outlets lean Left. However, it’s easy to despair of the Lefty ideology that permeates Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Fairfax Newspapers et al.

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to settle for what the lame-stream media dishes up. Alternative news media outlets and websites offering a fresh perspective (including the website you’re on – Counter Collective) have exploded in recent months.
Here are three of our favourite sources with an Antipodean perspective:

1) Mark Latham’s The Outsiders

Mark Latham
Former Australian Labor Leader Mark Latham has just launched his own panel news show which airs live online on Wednesday nights. If you miss it live, the recording is uploaded to his Facebook page. The outspoken political pundit opted to go it alone after “controversial comments” got him axed from his show of the same name on Sky News.
So far Mark, joined by two other right-leaning political commentators in a slick custom-built TV studio, is living up to his promise of: “No PC, no sucking up to vested interests, no fear of speaking the truth”.
Mark is an unlikely representative of the New Right. He was once old-school Labor but now believes the party is “buggered” due to the divisive identity politics being pushed under current Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten.
Some of his most common talking points rail against political correctness, social engineering, third-wave feminism, the war on white males etc.
The tone is one of discussing the world’s woes with your outspoken, down-to-earth uncle who makes you think as well as laugh with forthrightness and mastery of the Australian vernacular.
You can also follow Mark on Twitter at @realMarkLatham

2. Q Society

If you’re concerned about the growth and impact of Islam on Australian society, the Q Society Facebook page is worth a follow.The organisation seeks to promote Australian values by keeping close tabs on home-grown and international appeasement of Islamic violence and cultural practices, as well as what politicians are doing (or not doing) to stop it.
The QSA’s mission statement is to seek answers to the questions about Islam that the mainstream media is too PC to ask.
An April 21 post took a shot at Federal Labor Senator Murray Watt’s claim that female genital mutilation is not a problem in Australia, asking why there were hospital departments set up to treat this scourge if Watt’s claim was true.
The organisation’s official website is at

3. The Dingoes Convict Report

The Dingoes Convict Report

Behind this podcast, which is up to episode 71, is a bunch of 20-something tech savvy men with nicknames like Digger, King Bogan and Aussie Tory. They share a concern for the impacts of multiculturalism on Australia and defending the values of Western Liberal Democracies. Recent topics include the impacts of immigration on the housing crisis, defending White House media spokesman Sean Spicer, and the latest ABS statistics defining “the average Australian”.
A member known as Mammon told News Ltd in December 2016 that they believe in a kind of “civic nationalism” where “if you believe in Western values, to them you are a westerner.” Judging by the podcast contents, they are also proud keepers of the great Aussie tradition of “taking the piss”.
Their website is at and they’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

Got any other sites, podcasts, or blogs to suggest? Maybe you have one of your own? Drop it in the comments.

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